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The Planning Stage

Your resources 

How does it work?

It will not always be possible for me to be present, however we can still work together by using these resources  combined with close communication. 

When your client is first introduced to Bjewelled, your involvement is key. Working closely together will help us ensure that your client is delighted with the final result and paves the way to future direct communication between me and your client with minimum involvement from you.

You may have recommended a specific piece or your client might have chosen a design you agree will suit her. Either way, there will be elements that require consideration:

  • Design - all the jewellery is made by hand so it is usually possible to alter designs to suit the client's 'vision'.

  • Scale - your guidance here is essential.

                 Bead sizes:

                      Small scale: 5mm, 6mm.

                      Medium scale: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

                      Large scale: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

  • Colours - All the designs, apart from the NATURALS collection, can be made up to the clients colour specification. All i need is pictures of drapes or HoC swatch numbes to mtch the colour accordingly.  I am always available to help and make my own recommendations if needed. 

  • Measurements -  I will cmmunicte dirclty with the client on t measurements


The Consultant Shop currently offers you the following

  • The full HoC stud earring sample set

  • A stud earring colour chart

  • A set of 40 individual stud earrings to sell in your studio

The Colourways pages are designed to  show a variety of pieces made up within colour combinations to provide visuals of how different pieces look within the colour palette.

The scale guide shows pictures of pieces with a brief description of the sizes of beads used to give a visual idea of scale. 

The Shop


Scale Guide

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