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How to measure your ideal length for a short necklace

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Rather like scale, the length of a necklace and how it sits on you can make or break your look. Here we will look at how to measure your “ideal length”, personal to you.

We are all built differently and therefore how the same necklace sits on two people may vary considerably. Upper body length, chest depth, neck shape etc will all affect where the necklace will ultimately sit around your neck.

Why is this important? It is all about symmetry and ratio. We unconsciously see symmetrical things in nature and consider them beautiful. The reason is because the measurements are equal, and therefore balanced. It can be halves, thirds or quarters - what is important is that they are equal.

The high street offers standard lengths of 16, 17, 18, 20 inches and longer, and a simple chain extender is an inexpensive and easy way of enabling you to adjust these lengths in small amounts to bring the necklace in line with where it fits you best.

On this particular model, the ideal length would be 20”, so how do we work this out? All you need is a mirror, wear a vest and have a tape measure to hand.

Stand in front of a mirror wearing a sleeveless top or vest. Tuck your thumbs deep into your armpits and stretch your fingers, in a straight line, pointing your index fingers towards one another. Ensure the line is straight. We will call this LINE 1 and this line is the beginning of your breast tissue.

Leave one hand in place, and with your other hand place your index finger on your central clavicle bone under your chin. This is LINE 2. Leaving this index finger in place, move your middle finger downwards to find the middle point between your top and bottom index fingers. Scratch slightly to leave a little mark and then place your tape measure around your neck and, without pulling on it tightly, take your measurement.

So now you have your ideal length, what does this mean? It means that, ideally, for a short necklace, you do not go longer than this length, but you can go shorter. When layering necklaces, try to ensure that the central necklace sits on your ideal length, and then you can add shorter and longer ones, although the longest one should not sit below the start of your breast tissue.

If you need any help with working out your ideal length, contact me and I will be happy to help. :)

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